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FreedomPay Device Order Form

This is a secure form. Go to FreedomPay Device Order Form (PDF, 749 KB).

FreedomPay Merchant ID Application

Request a credit card merchant identification number (MID) or request additional MIDs.

FreedomPay Support, Guides, and Forms

Support information, guides and forms are available at https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/treasurer/cash-management/proccreditcards/freedompay.

Get CornellCard

Apply for or administer your CornellCard. For more information about CornellCard, see https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/bursar/students-parents/cornellcard.

Gift Card/Certificate Reporting Form

For form instructions, see the Gift Card/Certificates page.

Independent Consultant Agreement

Use this contract for an individual providing independent consulting to address tax, liability, and contract terms and conditions.

International Check Collection Form

Submit an international draft for deposit.

International Independent Consultant Agreement

To be used for hiring independent consultants who live outside of the United States.

International Independent Contractor Certification and Attestation

This form must be completed by any individual who provides services in any jurisdiction outside the United States on Cornell’s behalf, regardless of nationality or country of residence. All information must be entered completely by the person to perform the services to ensure accuracy and a timely review. The information on this form is to be used to determine whether the services and individual comply with the independent contractor guidelines set out by the U.S. IRS and the laws of the country where the services will be performed.

IT Professional Services Agreement

Use this contract for entities providing IT-related services to address tax, liability, and contract terms and conditions.

Item Type Request

Request a new Student Financials item type for posting transactions within PeopleSoft.

Lease Determination Form

For more informaiton about this form, see Lease Classification.

Notification of Claiming Unidentified Receipts

Claim an unidentified item on the unidentified receipts list from Cash Management.

Notification of Expected Incoming Wire Transfer/ACH or EFT

Notify Cash Management of an expected wire transfer to aid in identification of funds. For instructions, see Processing Wires and ACH Payments.

NY State Residency Application Form

Apply for NY State residency to receive resident tuition rates for state colleges (except the College of Veterinary Medicine.)

Participant Fee Advance

Request a cash advance for a Cornell research project involving human subjects.

Paycheck/Advice Reversal/Return

Return paychecks to Payroll or request that a check be reversed by contacting Payroll.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Authorize University Payroll to automatically deduct amounts from your paycheck, or change or terminate a deduction.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Manage direct deposit for your paycheck through Workday. Instructions are available on Direct Deposit page of the Payroll website.

PCI Quarterly Documentation Templates

Document your unit's PCI compliance quarterly.