Titlesort ascending Purpose
Service Provider Contract for Graphic Design or Videography

Use this contract to hire a provider for graphic design or videography. Please use either the Independent Consultant Agreement or the IT Professional Services Agreement when engaging a web designer.

Semimonthly On-Demand/On-Cycle Correction Form

Correct errors to a semimonthly employee's pay, process payments to terminated employees, or authorize overpayment deductions from an employee's check.

Self Assessment Questionnaire

Complete the annual PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire

SBA Annual Certification Form

Complete annual certification of the Small Business Administration status of a vendor. (Vendors only)

Request to Change Departmental Contact or Departmental Bank Account Reconciler
Request to Change Authorized Bank Signer

Use this form to request a change to authorized bank signers on a departmental bank account.

Remote Worker Checklist

For information on this form, see the Remote Worker Checklist page on the Payroll website.

Remote Deposit Capture Enrollment and Setup Form

Request remote deposit capture enrollment and setup.

Reconciliation Template

Reconcile asset and liability accounts.

Project Advance Authorization

Request a cash advance for a Cornell site project.

Professional Services Agreement

Use this contract for entities to address tax, liability, and contract terms and conditions.

Petty Cash Reconciliation Form

Reconcile Petty Cash/Cash in Drawer accounts at year-end.

Performer Without Equipment Contract

Use this contract to hire an entertainer who will not have equipment.

Performer with Equipment Contract

Use this contract to hire an entertainer who will have equipment.

PCI Quarterly Documentation Templates

Document your unit's PCI compliance quarterly.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Manage direct deposit for your paycheck through Workday. Instructions are available on Direct Deposit page of the Payroll website.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Authorize University Payroll to automatically deduct amounts from your paycheck, or change or terminate a deduction.

Paycheck/Advice Reversal/Return

Return paychecks to Payroll or request that a check be reversed by contacting Payroll.

Participant Fee Advance

Request a cash advance for a Cornell research project involving human subjects.

NY State Residency Application Form

Apply for NY State residency to receive resident tuition rates for state colleges (except the College of Veterinary Medicine.)