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Student Loan Exit Interview

Information about student loan exit interviews is available on the Loan Exit Interviews page of the Bursar website.

Cashnet One-Time Payment Gateway

Make a one-time electronic payment on a Bursar or CornellCard account without signing up for Cashnet.

Delinquent Bursar or CornellCard payments

Make a payment on a delinquent Bursar or CornellCard account.

Single/Sole Source Justification

Provide a written justification and reasonableness of price when vendor competition may not be feasible due to the single source/sole source nature of a commodity or a particular specification

Extended Stay Justification

Provide justification for an extended stay on a business trip.

If you have questions about this form, please contact your local financial transaction or business service center.

Student Refund Direct Deposit Form (Nelnet)

Receive refunds from the student's Bursar account by direct deposit.

Reconciliation Template

Reconcile asset and liability accounts.

Petty Cash Reconciliation Form

Reconcile Petty Cash/Cash in Drawer accounts at year-end.

Bid Solicitation

Request a bid solicitation from Procuremnt Services.

Participant Fee Advance

Request a cash advance for a Cornell research project involving human subjects.

FreedomPay Merchant ID Application

Request a credit card merchant identification number (MID) or request additional MIDs.

Tompkins Trust Company Lockbox Credit Card Refund Form

Request a credit card refund through the Tompkins Trust Company lockbox.

Department Finance Charge Waiver

Request a finance charge waiver on a student's account (RESTRICTED to departments ONLY).

For informaiton, see Graduate Support Deadlines and Finance Charges.

Application to Request a New Bank Account

Request a new departmental bank account.

Application to Open an External Organization Account

Request a new external organization account.

Application for Lockbox Processing

Request a new lockbox account for processing a large volume of payments.

Item Type Request

Request a new Student Financials item type for posting transactions within PeopleSoft.

Remote Deposit Capture Enrollment and Setup Form

Request remote deposit capture enrollment and setup.

Summer Salary Processing Form

Request summer salary in addition to your nine-month academic year appointment.

Collections Payroll Deduction Form

Set up payroll deduction for an account placed with University Collections.