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Workday Time Tracking & Absence Retro Edit
W-2 Reissue Request Form

For INACTIVE employees only. Request reissue of a W-2 form that is older than the current tax year.

Vehicle Certification Form

Report personal use of a university-provided vehicle.

Travel Manual Reimbursement Form

Request a travel reimbursement for an individual who does not have authorization to use Concur.

Travel Advance Form

Request a cash advance for a Cornell business trip.

Because direct payment or corporate card is available for most travel expenses, travel advances will be limited to those expenses for which a traveler is expected to endure a hardship for out-of-pocket expenses while on travel, and expenses that could not have been paid for by direct payment or a Cornell corporate card. 

Advances are limited to faculty, staff members, and students. Expenses related to visitors should be charged directly to operating accounts.

Transfer of Petty Cash/Cash in Drawer Fund Accountability Form

Update Petty Cash/Cash in Drawer fund custodian information.

Tompkins Trust Company Lockbox Credit Card Refund Form

Request a credit card refund through the Tompkins Trust Company lockbox.

Supplier Registration

Suppliers must register with the universith and/or provide the appropriate IRS W-9 or W-8 form. Procurement and Payment Services will email new suppliers with either a link to our automated supplier registration tool or paper forms to be completed and returned. See Supplier Registration for more informaiton. (Vendors only) 

Summer Salary Processing Form

Request summer salary in addition to your nine-month academic year appointment.

Student Refund Direct Deposit Form (Nelnet)

Receive refunds from the student's Bursar account by direct deposit.

Student Loan Payments (ECSI)

Make a payment on a student loan (federal Perkins loans and Cornell institutional loans only).

Student Loan Exit Interview

Information about student loan exit interviews is available on the Loan Exit Interviews page of the Bursar website.

Student Loan Deferment and Cancellation Forms

Information about student loan deferments and cancellations is available on the Deferments and Cancellations page on the Bursar website.

Single/Sole Source Justification

Provide a written justification and reasonableness of price when vendor competition may not be feasible due to the single source/sole source nature of a commodity or a particular specification

Services Provider Contract

Use this contract to hire a small services provider.

Service Provider Questionnaire

Complete to evaluate a vendor's independent contractor status based on IRS guidelines.

Service Provider Evaluation Worksheet

Assists in completing the evaluation of behavioral control, financial control, and nature of the relationship with a contractor.

Service Provider Contract for Writing, Editing, Indexing

Use this contract to hire a provider for writing and/or editing or indexing.

Service Provider Contract for Photographer, Artist, Illustrator

Use this contract to hire a provider for photographer, artist, or illustrator.

Service Provider Contract for Language Translation and Interpretation (including Sign Language)

Use this form when hiring a language translator or interpreter, including sign language interpreters.