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Request to Change Departmental Contact or Departmental Bank Account Reconciler
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FICA Tax Refund Authorization
Complete this form to authorize Cornell University to refund the employee's share of FICA taxes (i.e., Medicare and Social Security taxes withheld). An employee who is exempt from FICA taxes and eligible for a FICA refund will be repaid or reimbursed to the extent that the taxes are refunded by the IRS. Exemption requirements must be met.
IMPORTANT: Employees who have been contacted by the university regarding a FICA refund, must submit this completed form within 45 days of the certified mailing date, or the employee will be considered to have refused to provide authorization.
Accounts Payable ACH Authorization Form

Current, active employees can enroll in direct deposit for reimbursements through Workday.

  • When you register for or update you Payroll direct deposit information, your Accounts Payable direct deposit information for reimbursements is automatically updated.
  • You will receive an email notification regarding your changes listing the name of the financial institution and the account type.
  • Accounts Payable will wait three busienss days before approving the change to allow time for you to stop the direct deposit account update.

Nonemployees can sign up to receive reimbursements by completing the form below. This form is only accessible to individuals with a valid Cornell NetID.

Send this completed, signed form to Accounts Payable in one of the following ways:

  1. By Cornell Secure File Transfer: To Eric Banfield (ejb10) or Jennifer Fraboni (jf427). Be sure to include an image of your voided check. (Do not email this form.)
  2. By mail: Cornell Procurement and Payment Services, Accounts Payable 341 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.
  3. By fax: (607) 255-0866
Corporate Card Application Form

Apply for a Cornell corporate travel card from U.S. Bank.

NY State Residency Application Form

Apply for NY State residency to receive resident tuition rates for state colleges (except the College of Veterinary Medicine.)

Get CornellCard

Apply for or administer your CornellCard. For more information about CornellCard, see https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/bursar/students-parents/cornellcard.

Service Provider Evaluation Worksheet

Assists in completing the evaluation of behavioral control, financial control, and nature of the relationship with a contractor.

Attestation of Successful Completion of Annual PCI Training

Certify that you have completed the required annual PCI training for compliance.

Foreign Flag Carrier Approval Exemption Certification Form

Certify the necessity of using a foreign flag carrier for foreign travel.

Notification of Claiming Unidentified Receipts

Claim an unidentified item on the unidentified receipts list from Cash Management.

SBA Annual Certification Form

Complete annual certification of the Small Business Administration status of a vendor. (Vendors only)

Self Assessment Questionnaire

Complete the annual PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire

Service Provider Questionnaire

Complete to evaluate a vendor's independent contractor status based on IRS guidelines.

U.S. Bank Charge Dispute Form

Dispute a charge on your Cornell Procurement Card.

PCI Quarterly Documentation Templates

Document your unit's PCI compliance quarterly.

Elective Tuition Refund Plan Enrollment

Enroll to insure 90% of tuition charges in the event the student withdraws due to a covered illness or accident.

Cornell Installment Plan/Tuition Pay

Enroll to pay tuition and expenses in monthly installments.


Enroll to receive monthly Bursar and CornellCard bills and pay bills electronically.

ClientLine Chain Information Form

Establish a new ClientLine account or add or remove users from a ClientLine account.