Title Purpose
Bank Deposit (Excel, 315 KB)

Use this form to send deposits to the bank. One physical deposit requires two copies of the form, and the form must correspond to exactly one line of the Advance Deposits tab of the AD e-doc.

Service Provider Contract for Photographer, Artist, Illustrator

Use this contract to hire a provider for photographer, artist, or illustrator.

Service Provider Contract for Graphic Design or Videography

Use this contract to hire a provider for graphic design or videography. Please use either the Independent Consultant Agreement or the IT Professional Services Agreement when engaging a web designer.

Services Provider Contract

Use this contract to hire a small services provider.

Performer with Equipment Contract

Use this contract to hire an entertainer who will have equipment.

Performer Without Equipment Contract

Use this contract to hire an entertainer who will not have equipment.

Travel Manual Reimbursement Form

Request a travel reimbursement for an individual who does not have authorization to use Concur.

Standard Gift Information Form

Use this form to provide gift information when no source documentation (pledge card or letter) accompanies the gift.

Request to Change Authorized Bank Signer

Use this form to request a change to authorized bank signers on a departmental bank account.

Request to Change Departmental Contact or Departmental Bank Account Reconciler
Application to Request a New Bank Account

Request a new departmental bank account.

Remote Deposit Capture User Setup Form

Request remote deposit capture user setup.

Remote Deposit Capture Application

Request remote deposit capture setup.

Notification of Claiming Unidentified Receipts

Claim an unidentified item on the unidentified receipts list from Cash Management.

Notification of Expected Incoming Wire Transfer/ACH or EFT

Notify Cash Management of an expected wire transfer to aid in identification of funds. For instructions, see Processing Wires and ACH Payments.

Attestation of Successful Completion of Annual PCI Training

Certify that you have completed the required annual PCI training for compliance.

Self Assessment Questionnaire

Complete the annual PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire

PCI Quarterly Documentation Templates

Document your unit's PCI compliance quarterly.

Tompkins Trust Company Lockbox Credit Card Refund Form

Request a credit card refund through the Tompkins Trust Company lockbox.

Application for Lockbox Processing

Request a new lockbox account for processing a large volume of payments.