Title Purpose
Missing Receipt Affidavit

Use in place of a lost receipt for procurement card purchases. Restrictions may apply.

Remote Worker Checklist

For information on this form, see the Remote Worker Checklist page on the Payroll website.

Student Loan Deferment and Cancellation Forms

Information about student loan deferments and cancellations is available on the Deferments and Cancellations page on the Bursar website.

Foreign National Information System (FNIS)

For foreign nationals only: Complete to be able to receive payments from the university, excluding payments for travel reimbursement and honoraria.

See the Foreign National Questionnaire page for details and login information.

Direct Debit/Non-Check Disbursement Request Form

Complete this form to request that a vendor receive a direct debit/non-check disbursement. This request must be approved by the appropriate business service center director and the university controller before it will be forwarded to Cash Management for processing. All documents must be sent via Cornell Secure File Transfer to the University Controller.

FFE Withdrawal Request Form

Use this form when you want to withdraw funds from the Long-Term Investment Pool.

International Independent Contractor Certification and Attestation

This form must be completed by any individual who provides services in any jurisdiction outside the United States on Cornell’s behalf, regardless of nationality or country of residence. All information must be entered completely by the person to perform the services to ensure accuracy and a timely review. The information on this form is to be used to determine whether the services and individual comply with the independent contractor guidelines set out by the U.S. IRS and the laws of the country where the services will be performed.

International Independent Consultant Agreement

To be used for hiring independent consultants who live outside of the United States.

Gift Card/Certificate Reporting Form

For form instructions, see the Gift Card/Certificates page.

Employee Timesheet

This form is required when submiting the Biweekly On-Demand/On-Cycle Correction Form.

Lease Determination Form

For more informaiton about this form, see Lease Classification.

Workday Time Tracking & Absence Retro Edit
Service Provider Contract for Language Translation and Interpretation (including Sign Language)

Use this form when hiring a language translator or interpreter, including sign language interpreters.

Service Provider Contract for Writing, Editing, Indexing

Use this contract to hire a provider for writing and/or editing or indexing.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Manage direct deposit for your paycheck through Workday. Instructions are available on Direct Deposit page of the Payroll website.

Executive MBA Program Tuition Waiver Taxation Form

If you have been accepted into the Cornell Executive MBA program and have been informed that you qualify for a tuition waiver, please complete the form below so that we can determine the taxability of the tuition waiver. You must submit this completed form to your manager before the start of the Executive MBA Program.

Executive MBA Program Tuition Waiver Taxation Form (PDF, 154 KB)*

*This form is restricted to Cornell employees only.

More information

FreedomPay Device Order Form

This is a secure form. Go to FreedomPay Device Order Form (PDF, 749 KB).

FreedomPay Support, Guides, and Forms

Support information, guides and forms are available at https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/treasurer/cash-management/proccreditcards/freedompay.

Application to Request Closure of a Bank Account

Use this form to request to close a departmental bank account.

Semimonthly On-Demand/On-Cycle Correction Form

Correct errors to a semimonthly employee's pay, process payments to terminated employees, or authorize overpayment deductions from an employee's check.