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Procurement Update, February 2016
  A quarterly newsletter from Cornell Procurement and Payment Services

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    Thank you for participating in our e-SHOP survey!  

A huge thank you to the more than 250 people who participated in our recent e-SHOP usability survey. We are reviewing the results and comments. Forty-five people have agreed to participate in focus group sessions we will hold in February. These sessions will allow us to collect additional feedback on improvements to e-SHOP. Read more...

    Procurement website and Buying Manual improvements under way  

We have made several improvements in response to the survey, focus groups, and in-person interviews conducted last fall. We're also taking steps to ensure that FTC/BSC/ASC directors and staff members are aware of Buying Manual changes and process improvements. Read more...

    Automated Vendor Form celebrates one-year anniversary  

The Automated Vendor Form (AVF) is celebrating its first anniversary! It was initially rolled out on a limited basis. Based on feedback from users, the application received some improvements. Rollout and training for all FTCs/BSCs was completed in early March 2015.

Approximately 40% of our domestic Disbursement Voucher vendors and more than 50% of our domestic Purchase Order vendors are now using the AVF to register as vendors in KFS. Feedback indicates that using the AVF saves Cornell staff members significant amounts of time. In addition, we are using the AVF for the annual recertification that diverse suppliers are required to submit to comply with Small Business Administration requirements.

Recently, we gave the form a more user-friendly look and feel, which has greatly improved the ability of vendors to spot missing information. We look forward to continuing to introduce tools that will create efficiencies for the campus.

    Visit campus service providers in e-SHOP!  

Visit our Cornell colleagues in e-SHOP and make purchases from The Cornell Store and The Technology Connection.

    Tax Office revises evaluation requirements for service providers  

The service provider evaluation helps you to determine whether to appoint a service provider as an independent contractor or as an employee paid through payroll. The IRS asserts that if Cornell exercises control over the service provider, the individual should be appointed as an employee. The University Tax Office has agreed to allow the following service providers to complete an attestation within the contract in lieu of the separate service provider questionnaire:

  • Caterer
  • Performer without equipment
  • Performer with equipment
  • Small services providers
  • Service providers for graphic design, videography, writing, editing, web design
  • Service providers for photographers, artists, and illustrators
    Buying Manual updated  

On February 1, 2016, the Buying Manual was updated in response to feedback received during the Buying Manual survey and focus group meetings. Read more...

On January 1, 2016, the Buying Manual was updated in accordance with revisions to University Policy 3.2, Travel Expenses and the PCard ImageNow project. Read more...

Additionally, revisions were made on November 17, 2015 based on the process changes that make paying for catering and event space rental easier and to delegate limited signature authority to the FTC/BSC directors for select contracts of less than $10,000. Two sections were added to formalize procedures for corporate travel cards that have been in place and have been published on the Procurement website. Read more...

Procurement Savings
  • Acheived FY 2016 savings of $2.9 million for all fund types, as of January 31, 2016
Outreach Activities
  • Conducted Buying Manual survey and focus group meetings
  • Conducted e-SHOP customer survey
  • Planned e-SHOP focus group meetings for February 24 and March 2
Process Improvements and Streamlining
  • Participated in Travel Policy Process Streamlining team
  • Participated in Service Provider Process Streamlining team
  • Updated Buying Manual
  • Simplified paying for catering and event space rental with a total cost of less than $10,000

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