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As a strategic preferred supplier, VWR is partnering with Cornell to provide significant, multiyear savings; support supply-base consolidation efforts; and meet annual customer satisfaction improvement goals.

The VWR contract includes the following products and services:

This vendor also supplies the campus with laboratory furniturelaboratory equipment and supplies, and personal protective equipment.


  • Seradigm
  • Leica
  • Molecular Devices
  • Cole Parmer

These are a few highlighted suppliers. VWR carries over 5000 additional suppliers. If you have any questions, please contact Dan or Melissa.

Customer Service

Customer Service Team
Telephone: (800) 932-5000 or (877) 881-1207
Fax: (866) 329-2897
Email: vwrcornellsupport@vwr.com

Sales Representative

Melissa Mazza, PhD
Education and Medical Research
Email: melissa.mazza@avantorsciences.com

Supplier Stats

  • Name: VWR International US CC
  • Supplier Type: Contract Supplier

Products and Services

  • L&S - Chemicals, Compounds, & Related Supplies

Supplier Benefits

  • Order direct through supplier's webite with product availability and special Cornell pricing
  • Use procurement card for purchases
  • Receive orders within 48 hours ARO
  • Access to dedicated sales and customer service representatives
  • Choose from extensive selection of top-brand products

Product and Pricing

  • Contact the sales representative or customer service.

Procurement Methods

  • e-SHOP

Order Address

2039 Center Square Rd Bridgeport, NJ 08014

Customer Service

Sales Daniel Frank daniel_frank@vwr.com SA:607-227-0326 Sales Emily Dillon emily_dillon@vwr.com MB:347-453-9420

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Suzanne Willcox 607-255-4830