Roche Diagnostics Corporation


Sigma-Aldrich Biochemical Reagents List (PDF, 194 KB)

Customer Service

Customer Service Department
(Roche Applied Sciences)
Telephone: (800) 262-1640
Fax: (800) 428-2883

Account Manager

Yasmine Tebha
Account Manager
Telephone: (917) 224-2133

Genomics Instrument Specialist

Rahshaana Green
Telephone: (281) 455-3989

Sequencing Solutions Specialist

Casey Matthews
Telephone: (301) 660-1600

Key Account Manager - Arrays

Francis Kelly
Telephone: (267) 424 0981


Supplier Stats

  • Name: Roche Diagnostics Corporation
  • Supplier Type: Pricing Agreement

Products and Services

  • L&S - Special equipment & supplies

Supplier Benefits

  • University-approved contract pricing based on volume
  • Preapproved order status
  • On-site consignment programs

Product and Pricing

  • Obtain contract pricing by contacting the account manager.

Procurement Methods

  • e-SHOP

Order Address

9115 Hague Rd Bldg H Indianapolis, IN 46256

Customer Service

Sales Matthew Battisti SA:585-402-8770 Sales Corrina Wilcox SA:800-428-5433

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Suzanne Willcox 607-255-4830