Northern Safety Company Inc


This supplier has also been awarded a special contract for selected safety equipment.


Supplier Stats

  • Name: Northern Safety Company Inc
  • Supplier Type: Pricing Agreement
  • Business Type: Small business
  • Locale: REGIONAL

Products and Services

  • L&S - Special equipment & supplies

Supplier Benefits

  • Sales representative on campus
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Special pricing

Product and Pricing

  • Visit the supplier's website (registration required), or contact the sales representative.

Procurement Methods

  • e-SHOP

Order Address

232 Industrial Park Dr Frankfort, NY 13340

Customer Service

Sales Ron Colicci SA:315-269-1779 Customer Service Customers Service CS:800-631-1246

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Suzanne Willcox 607-255-4830