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Oasis Water Filtration System: If your department is considering installing an in-line water filtration system, your first step should be to contact your zone manager. (If you are not sure who to contact, please refer to the Facilities Management website.) The zone manager will evaluate the location for the in-line system to ensure that the area has or can be fitted to accommodate the necessary plumbing for an in-line, or he or she might recommend an alternate location. In the event that water lines have to be moved or extended (versus tying into an existing water line), units should Facilities Services' Customer Service  to submit a service request. Once Facilities Services has approved  a planned system installation, please contact a Mister Koffee representative to schedule an appointment to review cooler options and cost structures. If you currently use a bottled water supplier, you must cancel your orders and have that company pick up all equipment. Health regulations prohibit the returning of unused water bottles. Please use all of your water before scheduling the equipment pick-up.

Water Filtration Consultant

Darryl Reynolds
Telephone: (607) 687-8013
Fax: (607) 258-0133
Email: darryl@misterkoffee.com

Supplier Stats

  • Name: Mister Koffee Service Inc
  • Supplier Type: Pricing Agreement
  • Business Type: Small business
  • Locale: LOCAL

Products and Services

  • Beverages and Food

Supplier Benefits

  • Consistently high quality and reliability
  • On-site representation with friendly sales and maintenance staff
  • Accepts procurement cards or purchase orders at Cornell's option

Product and Pricing

  • Contact customer service.

Procurement Methods

  • e-SHOP

Order Address

6936 State Route 434 Apalachin, NY 13732

Customer Service

Sales Joe Reynolds joe@misterkoffee.com SA:607-687-8013 Sales Darryl Reynolds darryl@misterkoffee.com SA:607-687-8013

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Suzanne Willcox 607-255-4830