Airgas USA LLC

  • Supplier provides safety seminars twice per year.
  • Supplier is available for third-party procurement to other gas sources is not available direct.

Customer Service

Telephone: (800) 524-7427
Lance Brennan: (716) 790-9207

Ithaca Retail Store

230 Cherry Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Telephone: (607) 273-1972
Fax: (607) 273-2131

Elmira Office

1200 Sullivan Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Telephone: (800) 524-7427
Fax: (800) 333-6523

Account Manager

Lance Brennan
Telephone: (716) 790-9207

Dry Ice

Peggy Humphrey (Additional and delivery assistance)
Telephone: (607) 733-6527, ext. 43210

Specialty Gas and Product Manager, NY

Cade Ward
Telephone: (607) 220-6076

Safety Consultant

Peter Loconti
Telephone: (716) 242-9148

Refrigerant Consultant

Natalie Guarino, ARI
Telephone: (800) 473-3766, ext. 281

Liquid Helium

Peggy Humphrey
Telephone: (607) 733-6527, ext. 43210

Other Applicable Charges

All freight, special handling, and hazardous materials charges are absorbed by the vendor. Orders placed by 12:00 p.m. are to be delivered the next day. For orders placed after noon, but still required by the next day, Cornell is responsible for freight.

For Dry Ice: Please refer to the delivery agreement.

For Liquid Helium: charge for the product, delivery of container and associated fee. Standard service fees. See Airgas e-SHOP catalog.

Supplier Stats

  • Name: Airgas USA LLC
  • Supplier Type: Contract Supplier

Products and Services

  • Gases and Cylinders

Supplier Benefits

  • Daily delivery (dry ice on prearranged dates) and 24-hour turnaround on most stock items
  • Demurrage and demurrage-free programs
  • Accepts all forms of Cornell procurement
  • Online ordering and availability with Cornell contract prices in e-SHOP and by email at
  • Delivered by Airgas directly with no common carrier shipments (safety benefits)
  • Local telephone ordering, product specification, and technical support

Product and Pricing

  • Contact Airgas Customer Service by telephone, online, or by email at For Dry Ice: Any department purchasing dry ice must contact Airgas to arrange for an on-site survey prior to delivery, and a delivery agreement must be completed.

Procurement Methods

  • e-SHOP

Order Address

1200 Sullivan St Elmira, NY 14901

Customer Service

Sales Dennis Titsworth MB:585-944-3979 Customer Service Lance Brennan CS:716-790-9207

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Susan Morse 607-255-9192