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Make a One-Time Payment

If you don't have a Net.Pay account, but would like to make a one-time payment online without seeing the bill, go to Payment without Bill Presentment.

Pay your Bursar and CornellCard bills electronically with Net.Pay!

If you are new to Net.Pay, see the instructions below. Read more about Net.Pay’s features at About Net.Pay.

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Video: Understanding Your Bursar Bill - This video will help you understand your bursar and CornellCard billing statements.


  • You may have to configure your browser to allow pop-up windows for the Net.Pay website, or turn off your pop-up blocker. No pop-up advertisements are used on this site, and no adware is installed by using this site.
  • Please allow two business days for payment processing. Payments submitted online after the bill's due date will be considered late payments.
  • Send all account maintenance or setup questions to
  • Direct Bursar and CornellCard billing questions to or call Bursar Account Services at (607) 255-2336.
  • Loan or collection account holders must use ECSI or contact us directly to discuss payment options.

New to Net.Pay?

Students must give parents or other payers access after they set up their own account. Read more about Net.Pay.

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