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Spring 2012 Student Employment Information

January 27, 2012 - Financial Business Service Centers, University and Small Academic Support Services

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The following is a message from the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. Please share this information with appropriate staff.

If you have not done so already, please communicate to your UBSC financial transaction representative whether any of your student employees graduated this past December, have withdrawn from Cornell, or are taking a leave of absence for the spring 2012 semester, so that the UBSC can terminate the student's appointment(s). This ensures that the appointment does not remain active, and that an appropriate reflection of the time that the student worked within that position is maintained. To continue employment at Cornell, a student who has graduated, withdrawn, or taken a leave of absence, must be hired as a temporary/casual employee.

Employment Eligibility

Registration status and employment eligibility for the spring semester will be updated daily starting January 17, 2012. It is important that you confirm the student's employment eligibility by checking the "CU SES Required Data for Hire" page in PeopleSoft before allowing a student to work. To be eligible for student employment, the student must:

  • Be registered full time in a Cornell degree program
  • Enrolled in classes
  • Have a valid I-9 on file
  • Have no holds (negative service indicators) currently active on record of any type (including Bursar, Registrar, Dean, Judicial, or Gannett)

Your new and current student employees should be referred to the Student Employment Policies page to review their rights and responsibilities as a student employee. Also, it is important to remind your student employees that in order to be paid in a timely manner and paid accurately for the hours they worked, it is important that they enter their time worked on a daily basis.

Specifically for your new student employees, remember…..

Before time worked can be entered and submitted to Payroll, the student must be hired in the Student Employment system, and assigned a supervisor in the appropriate time collection system.

A report will be generated in early February identifying students who have active appointments, but who are not eligible to work as a student employee. If a student is not registered, has graduated or withdrawn, or is on a university or medical leave of absence, they are not eligible for employment as a student. For students identified as having graduated, withdrawn from Cornell, or have taken a leave of absence, all jobs will be terminated. For students identified as having a registration hold, all jobs will be placed on job leave of absence. An e-mail will be sent to the Student Employment electronic mailing list and to the student before any change to the students appointment is made.        

Direct Deposit

All students should be strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit of their payroll checks. 

The benefits of direct deposit are:

  • It is an easy application process
  • Checks will not be lost in the mail or misplaced
  • Pay will be received on payday, even if the student is not on campus at that time

Job Openings

If you have any student jobs you are looking to advertise, please let your UBSC financial transaction representative know.

Semester-End Information

Student employment for the 2011-2012 academic year ends on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 (spring 2012 semester graduates can work until Wednesday, May 30, 2012).

Students with academic year federal work-study can not use that eligibility beyond May 16, 2012 (spring 2012 semester graduates can use their work-study eligibility until Wednesday, May 30, 2012). Unless the student has applied for and received summer work study, any hours worked after May 16, 2012 must be charged 100% to department accounts.

We will update you later in the semester (in April), regarding the academic year 2011-2012 mass change of all student jobs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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