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As of May 20, 42 days until KFS goes live!

May 20, 2011 - University and Small Academic Support Services

Keywords: Kuali Financial System, year-end, Payroll, New Account Request, travel, e-SHOP, balances

KFS Cutover Dress Rehearsals

As we move closer to the go-live of the Kuali Financial System (KFS), during the month of May, the KFS implementation team, campus testers, and interface owners will be conducting dress rehearsals. For these dress rehearsals, the project's Environments Team has created the KFS Production Instance, which will be in limited release on June 12 and available to campus on July 1.

The goals of these dress rehearsals are to simulate daily processing, verifying existing business process flows, interfaces, integrations, and batch processes while demonstrating sufficient stability and correct functional operation so that stakeholders can sign off on the system.

A high-level plan is in place to test the system and daily schedules are posted. The schedule will be refined as dependencies are identified.


If you received an e-mail dated May 5 from the Payroll Office referencing ADAFs (KFS Name, Salary Transfer), please disregard this information as it only pertains to UBSC.

FY11 Year-end Payroll Accrual

  • The last nonexempt payroll posted to the general ledger in FY11 is June 16 – 29 (N37).
  • There is one workday, June 30, that must be accrued as a FY11 expense, and DFA General Accounting will prepare the payroll accrual.
  • The calculation will be 10% of the N37 total payroll.
  • Cooperative extension payroll entries will be excluded (A/R entries).
  • Accounting entry:
  • Will be recorded at the account level
  • Object codes to be used: wages on 4929 , fringe benefits on 4880
  • State accounts will be posted to sub-ledger 5xxx
  • A journal will be posted in prelim close (via an upload journal not JEMS)

Note: Please DO NOT ACCRUE any year-end payroll accruals in the college or unit level.

FY12 Reverse Year-End Payroll Accrual

  • Entry will be completed by DFA General Accounting.
  • Will be posted to KFS to converted KFS accounts and object codes.
  • State accounts will be reversed on what would have been sub-ledger 4xxx.
  • The goal is to post the reversing entry as soon as possible (it may not be July).

New Account Requests and Managing Accounts

  • Please submit any new account requests and/or stop/deletes to UBSC by May 31.
  • Exceptions for new account setup June 2 - 30.
  • New accounts will be set up for new Contracts & Grants, Endowment/TR Gifts, and Plant Accounts for new PARs requiring activity be recorded for FY11. Accounts that will have no activity posted in FY11 will be not be open in legacy, but will be held until we are live with KFS on July 1, 2011. 

Note: Any new accounts open in June, will be open in both legacy and KFS.

Financial Processing

  • Check pick up at the Bursar’s Office will no longer be available, beginning July 1, 2011.
  • The current Travel Reimbursement System (trip) will continue until further notice.

Purchasing – e-SHOP Conversion to KFS

To allow for the transition to KFS, e-SHOP will be unavailable from Thursday, June 30 at 12:00 p.m. until July 1.  In order to ensure that your orders are issued, please submit them by 10:00 a.m. to allow time for approval and processing. All orders must be approved and submitted to vendors by 12:00 p.m. Beginning July 1, access to e-SHOP will occur by selecting “Shop Catalogs” from the KFS main menu.

Further information regarding e-SHOP (KFS name, Shop Catalog) processing and training to follow.

Account Balances

Account balances, as we know them today, will no longer exist in the new world of KFS.  Instead, balances will become amounts listed by account AND object code (and sub-account or sub-object, if you so desire).

For additional information about this key concept, see Balance Inquiries. For information about balances in general, please see the KFS blog.

Asset/Liability Accounts

In KFS, asset and liability accounts will be represented by object code and will need to be “relieved” by an object code. If the wrong object codes are used to relieve liabilities, the end result will be double-booking expenses. A “cheat sheet” on asset and liability accounts will be created.


Changes need to be made to PeopleSoft so that it will be compatible with KFS. Those changes will be implemented by Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) from July 1 through July 5. During this period, PeopleSoft will be unavailable. Precisely what times the outage will start and end have not been established yet. CIT is currently working with department representatives and PeopleSoft directors to make those decisions.

As the specifics for each department are determined, additional messages will be sent so that you can plan your work accordingly.

KFS Cutover Deadlines

In preparation for our new system, certain tasks must be performed that go beyond normal year-end procedures. Lists of these tasks and their deadlines are presented by month on the Important KFS Dates and Deadlines page on the KFS at Cornell Web site.

Feel free to also view the KFS Timeline.

If you have any questions, please contact your UBSC Support Team.

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