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Department purchases are easier with The Cornell Store on e-SHOP

January 10, 2011 - University and Small Academic Support Services

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The following is an announcement from The Cornell Store.

Dear Valued Customer,

You can now use e-SHOP to purchase from The Cornell Store’s extensive online product selection, which includes computers, technology products, Cornell emblematic clothing, and emblematic gifts. This is in a punch-out and is accessible from the lower section of the main screen in e-SHOP.

The benefits of this purchasing method include:

  • The 10% discount for departmental purchases is applied. (Standard restrictions apply.) Note: The discount will not display on the screen at the time of your order; it will be applied after the order is processed.
  • There is no need to submit procurement card paperwork.
  • Sales tax is excluded automatically.

We recognize that several product categories, such as office supplies and general books, are not included in our online store, but you can still use e-SHOP to buy them. For items that are not in the punch-out, you can use the e-SHOP “non-catalog” item process. In addition, you may still purchase those items from the store using a department account charge or procurement card.

If you need assistance gaining access to e-SHOP or using it for orders that you place in-store or by phone, please contact your UBSC support team.

The version of The Cornell Store online store that exists in the e-SHOP punch-out does not include the full text and hyperlinks that are on our main online store (due to requirements of the underlying e-SHOP software), so please continue to use the store’s main Web site for information about special events and promotions.

We appreciate your business and welcome any suggestions on ways we can help you accomplish your goals.


The Cornell Store

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