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I-9 Reminders for Summer 2010

May 14, 2010 - University and Small Academic Support Services

Keywords: I-9, student employment

Please review the message from the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment, and feel free to share it with all hiring supervisors in your department.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Forms

  • If the student has an I-9 on file, another I-9 is normally not required
  • Existing I-9 information for students is available on PeopleSoft Student Employment
  • Reverification is required when the student is a foreign national whose employment eligibility has expired. The employer must reverify employment eligibility no later than the date employment eligibility expires.
  • Foreign nationals with visa status other than F1 must complete I-9 and I-9 reverifications at the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) and should obtain a copy of the form for their department files. A copy must be sent by the department (not ISSO) to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment for processing.  
  • Must be completed within the first three days of work
  • Original documentation (not copies) must be presented by the employee
  • Provide the employee with the I-9 form and a list of acceptable documents
  • Only the most current version of the I-9 form is acceptable; older versions will be returned for correction
  • Employee completes Section 1
  • Must be signed and dated
  • Social security number is optional
  • A box in the “I Attest” field section must be completed, with Alien or Admission # noted, where required
  • Cornell staff reviews employee’s documentation and completes Section 2
  • Documentation and expiration dates must be noted
  • Certification box must note the employee’s exact start date 
  • Must be signed and dated
  • Submit I-9 to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment – by fax, campus mail, or e-mail DropBox
  • Please note employee’s NetID or EmplID at the top of the form
  • Keep original I-9 on file in department for audit purposes
  • Retain original I-9s for three years after date of hire, or one year after termination

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