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3.14.1, Employee Gifts and Awards, WCMC

Policy Statement

Cornell University Weill Cornell Medical College (the "College") allows the bestowal of gifts and awards to recognize employees for outstanding work-related achievements, significant contributions, or major milestones, such as promotion or retirement.

Entities Affected by this Policy

Weill Cornell Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Policy Information 

  • Responsible Executive: Senior Director for Financial Management
  • Responsible Office: Department of Finance
  • Dates: Issued: November 6, 2003
  • Contact: Your local unit administrative office

Violations of Finance Policy

Violation of a financial policy should be reported to your supervisor, your human resource representative, unit manager and/or the office responsible for the policy. Where these resources are inadequate, you may choose to make an anonymous report through the Cornell University Hotline.

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University Policy 3.14.1, Employee Gifts and Awards, WCMC

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