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University policies 5.1, Responsible Use of Electronic Communications and 5.9, Privacy of the Network revised

June 27, 2011 - Policy

Keywords: policy, information technology, IT resources, privacy, network monitoring, data access

The University Policy Office (UPO) announces the issuance of revisions to two university policies, University Policy 5.1, Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources (formerly “Responsible Use of Electronic Communications”) and University Policy 5.9, Access to Information Technology Data and Monitoring Network Transmissions (formerly “Privacy of Information Technology Data”).

The first policy constitutes a major revision of the original information technology (IT) policy that Cornell University promulgated in 1995. The second policy incorporates some of the principles of that original policy, including the provision that the university does not monitor the network for content except in legal, policy, contractual circumstances, or for maintenance and security or health or safety reasons. This provision, a foundation of IT policy at Cornell University and for higher education, is now incorporated into existing policy conditions under which the Chief Information Officer and Vice President will disclose IT data (not all electronic data, but networking flow log information such as time stamped source and destination Internet protocol (IP) addresses) to third parties.

These policies represent the completion of the IT Policy Framework that provides the university with a volume of policies that address the principle privacy, security, and Web convention needs of the university network, infrastructure, and user experience of IT resources. For more information about this framework and documentation related to each of the policies, please refer to CIT’s IT Policy Framework page.

Please familiarize yourself with these policies and direct questions about them to your college or unit administrative office, or for the Ithaca campus units, to the IT Policy Office at (607) 254-3584 or, and for the Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) campus units, to the WCMC Privacy Office at (212) 746-1121 or

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