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KFS Basics Tutorials

Each KFS Basics tutorial covers important information regarding common KFS attributes, fields, e-docs, and system functionality. Each one takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. No formal classes are anticipated. These are required prerequisites for all KFS classes.

  • KFSBASICS-100C01-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 01 (KFS Overview)
  • KFSBASICS-100C02-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 02 (Document Header and Overview)
  • KFSBASICS-100C03-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 03 (Accounting Lines)
  • KFSBASICS-100C04-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 04 (Capital Edit)
  • KFSBASICS-100C05-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 05 (Notes and Attachments)
  • KFSBASICS-100C06-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 06 (Ad-hoc Recipients)
  • KFSBASICS-100C07-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 07 (Route Logs)
  • KFSBASICS-100C08-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 08 (Action Buttons)
  • KFSBASICS-100C09-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 09 (Action List)
  • KFSBASICS-100C10-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 10 (Document Searches)
  • KFSBASICS-100C11-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 11 (Lookup Values)
  • KFSBASICS-100C12-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 12 (Importing Lines)
  • KFSBASICS-100C13-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 13 (Error Corrections)
  • KFSBASICS-100C14-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 14 (e-doc Example)
  • KFSBASICS-100C15-Tutorial, KFS Basics Chapter 15 (Fiscal Officer/Delegate Action List)

You must enroll in and take classes and tutorials through CU Learn. Refer to the library main page for instructions. We recommend you copy and paste course numbers (e.g., "KFSBASICS-100C01") from this catalog to search for classes and tutorials in CU Learn.

Category: KFS Basics

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