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The following frequently asked questions relate to workflow in KFS. Workflow is the process of routing, approving, and tracking electronic documents (e-docs). Also known as Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW), it routes an e-doc to its approvers in a prescribed sequence according to established business rules based on e-doc content. To learn more about workflow, watch the presentation on E-docs 101 and Workflow, or check out the KFS Basics tutorials.

Search FAQ:

After I took care of the item in my Action List, I was sent to a new screen that reads, "No values match this search." Is this an error?

This is not the most intuitive message, but it means that you have no other items in your Action List (Cynergy Inbox).

Someone sent me a doc as an FYI, but I don't want to have to open it. Can I clear it directly out of my Action List?

Yes, toward the right side of the action list item, there is s drop-down box, which defaults to NONE. Select FYI from the drop-down, and then click the "take action" button. You can select FYI for multiple items, and then taking action will clear them all.

I'm trying to route a doc and I get an error message that reads, "InvalidActionTakenException: User is not authorized to Route document." Why?

If the doc is not in your Action List, you cannot take any action other than to send an ad hoc request, reload, close, and in some cases, copy docs.