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Information Delivery & Reporting

The following frequently asked questions relate to KFS Information Delivery & Reporting (ID&R). For more information about ID&R, see the Reporting section of the Kuali Financial System at Cornell Web site. Also, check out the ID&R tutorials available in the KFS Training library.

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What is KDW?

The Kuali (Financial) Data Warehouse (KDW) replaces the Accounting Data Warehouse (ADW) as the repository of financial data, beginning in fiscal year 2011-12, with the implementation of the Kuali Financial System (KFS).  

Can units continue to use Brio in KDW?

Brio (Hyperion Interactive Reporting) will no longer be used to deliver monthly accounting reports. Financial information will now be delivered using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE+) dashboards.

How will units meet their business needs for ad hoc query if Brio is no longer used?

The new tools are very interactive and allow users to “query” their financial information in a number of ways – right on the dashboards, without having to write their own ad hoc queries.

My unit has created a lot of other reports (besides the standard monthly accounting reports) using Brio. How can we continue using these reports if Brio is no longer available?

While Brio (Hyperion Interactive Reporting) is no longer being used to deliver monthly accounting reports, the tool itself is still available. A copy of the data warehouse (without the labor detail) called KDW-Prime can be used by Brio Designer users to remediate local reporting systems.

What is KDW-Prime?

KDW-Prime is a copy of KDW, but without any labor detail. This was made available by CIT, and supported by DFA, as an interim solution for units who have developed, and now need to remediate, local reporting systems using Brio Designer. The long-term objective is to transition to using the new OBIEE+ tools. Brio Designer users can request access to KDW-Prime by e-mailing Sarah Christen.

I need to analyze the financial data in ways that are not available using the new financial dashboards. How can I perform my analysis with Brio?

Another OBIEE tool called Answers allows more ad hoc query capabilities, and will be made available to a number of unit-level individuals. Two important things to understand about Answers is that is does not allow data modeling (like Brio Designer), and queries can only use data that exists within KDW (so it if data has not been modeled yet, it is not accessible by Answers).