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Processing Wires and ACH Payments

Electronic transactions are the most prevalent, and statics demonstrate that they are the most preferred method of making payments today. Cornell receives thousands of wire transfers (or ACH payments) every year. Therefore, in order for our office to efficiently identify and credit the recipient of these funds, it is imperative that you notify our office of any expected incoming payments by completing the following form:

Notification of Expected Incoming Wire Transfer/ACH or EFT

The top section of the form lists the information that your customer will need to initiate the transaction with their bank.

The middle section is the information that Cash Management will need to properly credit the transaction to your account when the funds are received. Complete this section and send the form through campus mail to Cash Management, 35 Thornwood Dr., Suite 200, or fax it to (607) 254-1555.

The bottom section is for Cash Management use only.

Failure to submit this form could result in our office not be able to identify who the funds belong to. Therefore, we will credit the funds to our unidentified receipts account and wait for someone to claim them. The impact to your department is the loss of revenue. We urge you to inform our office of expected wires.  Doing so benefits your department and ours, because the process is then more timely, efficient, and accurate in the proper allocation of funds.