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Student Refunds

Important Changes to Bursar Direct Deposit

Electronic Refunds

If you are a registered, full-time undergraduate, graduate, or professional student, student refunds, assistantship stipends, and fellowship stipends can be deposited directly into your bank account.

See our Direct Deposit page for more information.

If money is coming to you from awards, grants, scholarships, and loans exceeds the amount you are being charged on your Bursar bill, the bursar authorizes direct deposit or a refund check. Checks can be picked up at the Bursar’s office by currently registered students any time after registration.

When you receive a refund check, look at your bill carefully. Be sure that the bill reflects all charges for which you are receiving aid, as well as anticipated adjustments in Cornell aid. For example, if you have not yet been billed for dining and your aid is supposed to pay for dining, your refund check will contain money that should be used to pay for your dining once the charge appears on your bill. You cannot subsequently receive additional financial aid to cover that charge.

Note: Due to federal regulation changes, you may be receiving a refund but still have a prior-term balance that needs to be paid. Please check the Student Center or contact us at (607) 255-2336 or to confirm your balance.

The Office of the Bursar conducts all its business directly with the student. Just as monthly charges are listed in the student’s name, so are any awards, grants, scholarships, and loans that might produce a refund. Therefore, direct deposits/refund checks are drawn in the name of the student.

The Office of the Bursar reserves the right to withhold any refund check when the student has a Bursar/Cornellcard or Cornell Installment Plan balance. Cornell is authorized to offset any credit balances against any debts owed by the student to the university.

Refund Schedule
Day Refund Requested
(date shown on Bursar account)
Day Check Available (after 1:00 p.m.)
Monday The following Monday
Tuesday The following Wednesday
Wednesday The following Wednesday
Thursday The following Friday
Friday The following Friday