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Returned Payment Policy

Paper checks not honored by the bank are subject to a $25 returned check charge. Any balance unpaid on the student account that results from the returned check is subject to late fees.

If a payment made through Net.Pay is returned for insufficient funds, inaccurate payment account information, or a closed account, that payment also is subject to a $25 return fee, and any unpaid balance that results from a returned payment will be subject to a late fees.

In both instances, if the payment is not replaced within seven days, a hold will be placed on the student's record, resulting in suspension of student services.

If the check is returned that was used to register for a given semester, the student's registration will be reversed and the student will be withdrawn from the university. Consequently, the registrar will assess a late registration fee of $350 if the student registers after the third week of classes, or $500 if registering after the sixth week of classes.


  1. Uncollected funds must be replaced by a certified check or money order. Checks will not be redeposited. The university reserves the right to require a cashier or certified check on future payments. The university does not accept postdated checks.
  2. Payments made through the Net.Pay service cannot be redeposited if returned.