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Pay Now - Net.Pay

Net.Pay is a Web-based billing and payment service that enables you to view your monthly Bursar and CornellCard statements and make payments using an electronic interface with your bank. There are no additional costs associated with using Net.Pay - all you need is a U.S. bank account.

Note: Online payments will post to the student's account within two business days. Please allow adequate time for processing. Payments submitted online after the bill's due date will be considered late payments.

Students are responsible to sign up for the Net.Pay service and to invite parents or others to set up an account as an authorized payer. Users are notified by e-mail each time a new statement becomes available. Statements and payment information are kept online for 12 months for reference.

Getting Started With Net.Pay

Video: Understanding Your Bursar Bill

Pop-up Blocker Alert!

Your bill will be presented in a pop-up window. If you have pop-up blocking software or a browser that is configured to suppress pop-up windows, you may have to deactivate or reconfigure your software. No pop-up advertisements are used on this site, and no adware is installed by using this site.

Log in to Net.Pay

Net.Pay Login

Attention Loan and Collection Account Holders! This service is not available for loan or collection account holders. Only currently registered Cornell students are authorized to use Net.Pay.  Loan and collection account holders can make payments using ECSI, or contact us directly to discuss payment options.

Net.Pay Account Setup Questions
Send all account maintenance or setup questions to If you have problems with your software or computer, however, please contact technical support or the manufacturer of your software or hardware.

Bursar and CornellCard Billing Questions
Please direct Bursar and CornellCard billing questions to or call Bursar Account Services at (607) 255-2336.

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