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Below is a list of all current news items from the University Bursar.

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Prospective May grads: April balances are due before graduation!

All amounts due on the April 2014 Bursar e-bill, including CornellCard transactions, must be paid prior to graduation.

All degree candidates with loans must complete student loan exit interviews

All degree candidates who received long-term student loans from federal or university loan programs must complete a student loan exit interview

International wire transfer service

Cornell offers international wire transfers through peerTransfer.

The 2014-2015 Cornell Installment Plan begins May 1!

Sign up to pay your 2014-2015 tuition expenses in 12, 10, or 5 monthly installments, interest-free!

Summer Session registration information

Summer Session and Engineering Co-op tuition must be paid before registration.

Outside scholarship checks

Send outside scholarship checks to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment for processing.

Recent Bursar and CornellCard account activity is available through Net.Pay

Use Recent Activity to get billing summaries, details, and current balances...

Fraternity and sorority billing

Fraternity or sorority charges are billed by Cornell University as a courtesy to and through agreements with the Greek system at Cornell...

Making check payments to the Bursar

Check payments for Bursar and CornellCard accounts must be sent to 260 Day Hall.

Pending financial aid for spring 2014

Pending credits for spring 2014 will no longer appear on your bursar bill after March 14.

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