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Dept. Finance Charge Waiver

Cornell departments must use the finance charge waiver form below to request a waiver of a student's finance charge. This form is for internal use only by Cornell departments. Students and parents should not use this form, because it will not be accepted from any source other than a Cornell department. If you are a student or parent questioning a finance charge, please contact the Office of the Bursar directly at (607) 255-6413.

This form does not need to be used to request a waiver of a finance charge for a student who was billed for tuition but is not attending (e.g., an August or December graduate). Those finance charges will be systematically waived on a subsequent statement.

Finance charges are waived only when they result from an error by a department, such as a late tuition award or GRA appointment. The ultimate decision to waive a finance charge rests with the Office of the Bursar.

Each form must contain only one request for a single student. The form must be completed fully, printed, and sent to the Bursar's office either by mail at 260 Day Hall or by fax at (607) 255-6442.

Normally, requests are completed within one business day of receipt by the Office of the Bursar.

This form is not to be used by students or parents. Attempts to falsify this document are in violation of Title Three, Article II of the Campus Code of Conduct and will be referred to the Judicial Administrator.

Departmental Finance Charge Waiver Request Form

If you have questions about finance charge waivers, please contact Bursar Account Services.

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