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Purchasing in KFS

Purchasing is part of the KFS Purchasing/Accounts Payable module (PURAP). Purchasing functionality includes the following:

  • Vendor setup
  • Requisition creation
  • Purchase Order (PO) and PO amendment
  • Contract Manager assignment
  • Receiving
  • Shop catalog (e-SHOP)

A system-wide advantage in KFS is the ability to search by document type (requisition, purchase order, payment request) or number, date(s), description, account number, status, amounts, even aliases like "NYSEG." Naming and saving search criteria makes ongoing work simpler.

Purchasing e-docs, as with all KFS e-docs, are based on predefined rules and automated workflow. This workflow is intended to decrease errors and guide the staff performing transactions. All KFS users can view most transaction documents, except for sensitive or confidential information like salaries. Maintenance e-docs are administered centrally and do not route for approval.

To learn more, watch the Purchasing presentations.

To use the Purchasing module functions, go to the KFS Main Menu tab*, and select from the Purchasing/Accounts Payable Transactions e-docs.

For details on using KFS for purchase orders, recurring orders, or requisitions, see the Standard Operating Procedures for Purchasing and Financial Processing e-docs.

*Access to KFS is limited to authorized personnel only.