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Find a Supplier

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The easy-to-use Find a Supplier feature in Spend Viz is available to all faculty, staff members, and students. Find a Supplier will help you:

  • Avoid administrative delays by selecting from over 20,000 suppliers already in Cornell's vendor database. (Waiting for suppliers to provide the information required to be set up in KFS can take up to one week.)
  • Get your products faster.
  • Find suppliers who have successfully done business with Cornell.
  • Spend less time searching for the right supplier to meet your product needs.
  • Receive discounts from existing contract and preferred suppliers.
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How to Find a Supplier
  1. Go to the Find A Supplier tab in Spend Viz.
  2. Type a commodity code or keyword(s) that describes the product or service required and press Enter.
  • Be specific with keywords. The database understands adjectives. For example, instead of "translator," try "French translator," instead of "copy paper," try "colored copy paper."
  • Two grids will display in search results, see below for descriptions of each.
  1. Click “Select” in the far left column of your results for more information on the supplier or a previous transaction.
  2. Then select Vendor Detail to view supplier contact information, or Transaction Detail to view the line item descriptions for the good or service.


  • The top grid displays purchase order (PO) suppliers that have provided items with the keyword "fruit" in the PO line item description. 
  • The bottom grid displays suppliers who have provided items with a commodity that corresponds to "fruit."

Find a supplier results (small)

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