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Office Supplies

Historically, annual spending for office supplies has been approximately $3 million. Details about the chosen suppliers in this commodity are available by browsing the categories to the left. Please contact Sue Willcox if you have questions or need help in placing and processing orders. For questions related to individual purchase orders, please contact the SMS Operations Team at (607) 254-5300.

As of August 1, 2011, a minimum order size of $50 is required on all office supply orders. To help you meet the minimum order size, please consider the following when placing your orders:

  • Setting a specific time frame for placing orders, such as once a week
  • Combining orders with another unit
  • Looking for a pattern in requests (e.g., combine recycled copy paper with a less expensive order)
  • Utilizing the save cart feature in e-SHOP to add items to an order, but waiting to submit the order until you’ve reached a total order of $50 or more