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Leica Microsystems

Cornell University has awarded a contract to Leica Microsystems, LLC for the following types of products and services:

  • Core-Histology instruments and accessories
  • Microscopes - selected
  • Products covered under State of New York contracts

Contract Benefits to Cornell

  • Sales representative on campus
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Special pricing

Ordering Information

Confidential Information: The following information regarding contracts negotiated with suppliers is confidential and must not be shared with anyone outside of Cornell University, as per University Policy 4.6, Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Supplier's Web Site

Access e-SHOP

Access e-SHOP

Order Address

Leica Microsystems
Address as of March 16, 2011
1700 Leider Lane
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Telephone: (800) 248-0123
Fax: (847) 236-3009

Sales Representative

Product Dependent:
Nick Graham, Todd Perez, Robert Luce, Ross Larosa
Telephone: (800) 248-0123
Fax: (847) 236-3009

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service
Telephone: (800) 248-0123
Fax: (847) 236-3009

How to Obtain Products and Pricing Information

Contact the sales or customer service representative.

How to Place an Order

Place orders through e-SHOP.

Other Applicable Charges

Cornell is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Contact customer service.

Additional Cornell Contract Information

  • Contract reference: RFP 11-10020, dated 1/3/2011
  • Contract term: Five years
  • New York State Contract: PC 63889

Cornell University Contract Administrator

For more information, questions, or comments about this program, please contact the following purchasing agent:


We encourage faculty and staff members to provide feedback on the performance of university preferred contract suppliers.