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Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies, Inc. has two divisions:

  • Electronics Measuring Group (EMG)
  • Life Science and Chemical Analysis (LSCA)

Cornell University has awarded a contract to the Electronic Measurement Group (EMG) for the following types of products and services:


  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Microwave/communications
  • EEsof Electronic Design Automation (EDA) hardware
  • Test and measurement products
  • General purpose test and measurement software
  • EEsof EDA and EW software and support products

Not withstanding the foregoing, Agilent reserves the right to change the discount rate for any product without notice and to determine which products are eligible for discount.

Additionally, Cornell has a contract through E&I with the Life Science and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) division.

Support Services

Services eligible for a discount are service agreements sold upfront with the product for both return to Agilent and on-site repair and calibration. Post-sales repair and calibration service agreements are eligible. Communications EDA and EW software support is eligible for discount for both service and upfront and post-sales.

The following services are not eligible for discount: per incident, time and materials, Voscal, response center services and parts.

Contract Benefits to Cornell

  • Dedicated customer service
  • Special pricing
  • Access to Agilent demo pool for equipment loaners
  • Guidance for teaching through Agilent's "Educator's Corner"

Ordering Information

Confidential Information: The following information regarding contracts negotiated with suppliers is confidential and must not be shared with anyone outside of Cornell University, as per University Policy 4.6, Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Supplier's Web Site

Access e-SHOP to access the E&I pricing for LSCA:

Access e-SHOP

Order Address

Electronic Measurement Group (EMG)
Electro Rent Corporation (Agilent exclusive authorized technology partner for electronic products)
6018 Solutions Center
Chicago, IL 60677-6000

Telephone: (800) 688-1111
Fax: (770) 813-6906

Life Science and Chemical Analysis (LSCA)
Agilent Technologies
2850 Centerville Rd, BU 3-2
Wilmington, DE 19808-1610 

Telephone: (800) 829-4444
Consumables Fax: (302) 633-8901
Systems Fax: (302) 633-8953

Sales Representative

EMG: Marianne Santangelo
Telephone: (845) 712-5130 or (800) 688-1111, ext. 4714

EMG - Inside support
Dave Seifert
Telephone: (800) 688-1111, ext. 4747

LSCA - System Sales
Eric Pertschi
Telephone: (302) 633-8386

LSCA - Columns and supplies
Marcy Eddinger-Andersen
Telephone: (866) 945-4585

Customer Service Representatives

Any representative can assist. See Order Address above.

How to Obtain Products and Pricing Information

Contact customer service.

How to Place an Order

Place orders through e-SHOP.

Other Applicable Charges

Depends on the order and other circumstances. Contact customer service.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Customer may cancel orders prior to shipment at no charge. Cancellation after shipment is subject to Agilent's approval and charges may apply.

Additional Cornell Contract Information

  • Contract reference: Agilent Electronic Measuring Group Agreement, dated April 29, 2009
  • Contract term: Five years

Cornell University Contract Administrator

For more information, questions, or comments about this program, please contact the following purchasing agent:


We encourage faculty and staff members to provide feedback on the performance of university preferred contract suppliers.