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Consulting Agreement Forms

Engaging the services of an independent contractor or consultant requires an evaluation of whether the individual or entity providing the service should be classified as an “employee” or an independent contractor (vendor), based upon guidelines established by the Internal Revenue Services. The evaluation and classification must be performed before engaging an individual or entity to perform services, and before any services begin.

Use the following forms when engaging the services of independent contractors or consultants.

  • Caterer Contract
    Use this contract to address tax, liability, and the terms and conditions under which the caterer is contracted.
  • Service Provider Questionnaire
    Potential vendors complete this form to aid in Cornell's evaluation of the vendor's “independent contractor status” based on IRS guidelines.
  • Service Provider Evaluation Worksheet
    Use this form to assist in completing the evaluation of behavioral control, financial control, and nature of the relationship. Attach the service provider evaluation worksheet to the requisition.

Note: All final search firm agreements must be approved by Human Resources. The authorizing party must retain a copy of this contract. In addition, please forward a copy of this agreement, completed and signed by both the contractor and university representatives, along with all relevant attachments, to Allan Bishop, Recruitment and Employment Center, 337 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 and Glenn Morey, Cornell Procurement Services, 395 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.

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