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Catering and Restaurants

Catering is a service provided by vendors that generally involves preparing or serving food, setting up, or cleaning up after food is served on Cornell-controlled property, including facilities owned by Cornell and facilities that might be rented, leased, or otherwise under Cornell's control for the period of the event (for example, renting a banquet hall). Catering should not be confused with simple delivery service, such as pizza delivery, where no service is provided on the site.

Cornell's Expectations of Catering Vendors

Cornell University expects all catering vendors to adhere to the following:

  • Be licensed and hold the proper permits
  • Meet the insurance requirements established by local, state, and federal agencies, including Tompkins County Health Department's permit requirements
  • Follow Cornell's policies regarding management of employees, required equipment, event setup, alcohol service, and post-event cleanup.
  • Abide by food safety rules and regulations outlined in the following documentation: