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Access e-SHOP through KFS Shop Catalogs

Help Line: (607) 254-5300

Note: This application is secure and can be accessed by authorized users only. Please contact your FTC/BSC to determine whether you are eligible to obtain access.

e-SHOP gives Cornell purchasers a one-stop, Web-based "shopping cart" for ordering a full range of goods and services. e-SHOP makes it easy to shop with preferred and diverse suppliers, is integrated with Cornell's financial system, and routes orders to approvers and financial transaction and business service centers for payment.

All e-SHOP users are required to take the "Using e-SHOP" tutorial. See the KFS Training page for instructions on enrolling to take this and other Purchasing tutorials.

Note: Orders for Radioactive Materials may be processed through e-SHOP and will be automatically routed to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for review before they are sent to the supplier. Just another way that e-SHOP will make things a bit easier!

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