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Kronos Clocks

Some employees at Cornell record time worked by using time clocks, and are assigned a badge number which is entered into the time clock at the start and end of each work shift.

The badge number may be your employee ID number, or a different assigned number. If you hold multiple jobs, you will have a badge number specific to each job that uses a time clock. Before your first work shift, ask your manager to confirm your badge number.

The Kronos 4500 clock tutorial explains how to swipe a badge or manually key in your assigned badge number. It also includes information on the function keys and display indicators.

There are approximately 100 clocks installed at Cornell. Most clocks are connected via Ethernet cable, though it is possible to connect clocks via DSL when an Ethernet connection is not available.

If you believe there is a problem with a clock, you can report it to the IT Service Desk.

If you have a need for clock in a new location, contact the Payroll office at or (607) 255-5194.