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Check Accrual Balances

Check accrual balances for vacation, health and personal leave, family health care, personal time, and comp time.

Non-union, benefits-eligible employees record health and personal leave (HAP).  Union employees record sick, personal, and family health care.

  • Use the Accrual-Non Union Employees genie with All Home-Accrual Non Union to view balances for your non-bargaining unit employees.  This genie includes Health & Personal Balances.
  • Use the Accrual-Union and Non-Union genie with All Home-Accrual Union-Non Union to view balances for all of your benefits-eligible employees.

Kronos is the data of record. Balances are shown as of the Time Period selected on the genie. Accrual time is updated when the employee enters work time or records leave codes on the timecard.

Accrual balances in Workday and on the employee's paycheck are shown as of the end of the last pay period.