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Edit Timecard, Add/Delete Comments

You edit your timecard differently depending on when you want to make the edits.

Edit Timecard in the Current Pay Period (After Timecard is Approved)

You may need to correct an entry on your timecard.

  • If you have not approved your timecard, make the corrections the same way you normally enter time. See Enter Time (in the Current Pay Period)
  • If you have already approved your timecard, use this procedure.
  • If the Pay Rep has signed off on your timecard, edit procedures may be different. Contact your supervisor and Pay Rep for assistance.
  1. If your supervisor approved the timecard, you need to request that your supervisor remove their approval before you can make corrections.
  2. To remove your approval, click Approvals, and then click Remove Approval.

    The Remove Approval option is available in the Approvals menu at directly above the Kronos timecard window.
  3. Edit your timecard.
  4. The changes you made will appear in the audit trail for your timecard. Add a comment/note explaining any changes you made. (For instructions, see Add and Delete Comments and Notes.)
  5. Click Save.
  6. Reapprove your timecard and notify your supervisor to reapprove it as well.

Note: After you save your timecard, the changes you made will appear in the audit trail on your timecard.



Edit Timecard — Historical Edit (in Prior Pay Period)

You may need to correct an entry on your timecard from a prior pay period. This is called an Historical Edit.

Note: If the timecard has been signed off, approvals cannot be removed.

  1. On your timecard, change the display to show the time period you need to correct. In the Time Period box, choose Previous Pay Period or enter a specific date or range or dates.

    The Previous Pay Period option is available in the Time Period menu above the timecard.
  2. Click Amount, and then click Add Historical with Retroactive Pay Calculation.
  3. A window will open showing a duplicate timecard. Enter the In and Out times for the missing hours, and then click Calculate Differences.
  4. Add a Comment, and then click Save.

    The Comments feature is available after entering the missing hours and selecting Calculate Differences.

After you edit time, the hours will appear in the Historical Amounts tab on the edited timecard and on your current timecard in the Totals and Schedules tab. When you and your supervisor approve your current timecard, the approval will also apply to the historical edited amounts. Your next paycheck will include payment for those hours. For more information, see the Student Employee Kronos training guide.



Add and Delete Comments and Notes

You can add a comment to a time entry.

  1. In the In/Out or Earnings Codes cell, right-click, and then choose Add Comment.

    Access the Add Comment option in the quick access menu by right-clicking in the In/Out or Earnings Codes cell.
  2. Choose an appropriate comment from the list. After you choose a comment from the list, you can add additional information in the Notes box.

    Comments and notes are visible in the audit trail, so remember to be professional.

  3. Click OK, and then click Save.
    A yellow memo pad icon appears in the cell where you added the comment. To view the comment and any notes, click the Comments tab at the bottom of the timecard.

    Comments you've entered can be viewed under the Comments tab at the bottom of the timecard.


  • To delete a comment or note, in the Comments tab, right-click the comment or note and then choose Delete.
  • Comments in signed-off pay periods cannot be deleted. 
  • Deleted comments remain in the audit trail.