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University Payroll offers time collection and other services related to employee compensation, including issuing paychecks, W-2 forms, and other tax forms.

Time Collection

Hourly employees are required by the U.S. Department of Labor and Cornell University to record hours worked each biweekly pay period. Each employee must record his or her time directly into the Kronos time-collection system. The employee's supervisor, who has direct knowledge of time worked, must then review the submitted time and approve it for payment processing.

University Payroll imports data from Kronos timecards at noon on the day after the pay period end date for biweekly employees. Biweekly pay period dates are available on the Pay Calenders page.

Note: Occasionally, there are early pay pull deadlines, usually due to the holidays. The Payroll office will notify all payroll representatives via e-mail when time-collection deadlines are earlier than normal.