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Payment Form Instructions

The following rules apply when completing a payment (wire transfer, ACH, draft) form:

  • Include U.S. dollars only if supporting documentation and payment are both in U.S. dollars

    Note:  Foreign currency fluctuates daily. Only Cash Management should enter conversion amounts.

  • Fill in all accounting distribution information. Only Cash Management can enter the U.S. dollar equivalent based on conversion rates on the date of the transfer
  • Do not include taxable fees and reimbursed expenses on the same payment form. For example, complete two separate forms if you are paying for travel and a speaker fee or honorarium. This additional effort is needed to prevent tax-reporting and tax-withholding issues
  • Include bank information for all wire transfers. This is not required for a bank draft
  • Attach documentation required to support this payment (original receipts, invoice, etc.)
  • Send completed form and documentation to Disbursement Review – not to Cash Management