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New York Standard Voucher Instructions

Who will use the New York State Standard Voucher?

All departments (mainly contract college departments) expending New York State-appropriated funds will process a New York State standard voucher.

Form Purpose

The New York State standard voucher is the only way to have New York State pay for expenditures from departments that have been allocated state-appropriated funds. New York State-appropriated funds do not reside at Cornell, but in Albany, and a standard voucher is the request for those funds to be expended.

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Form Instructions

The following fields must be completed by the department submitting a New York State standard voucher. 

  • Payment Date: The date on which Albany will actually issue a check.  Under prompt payment legislation, all vendors must be paid within 30 calendar days of the "Merchandise/Invoice Received" (MIR) date.
  • Liability Date:  The date on which goods were received or services were performed.  The date received is defined as the date on which the item arrived at the department, not as the date the item was opened, inspected, or put into service. 
  • Payee Id: The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). All New York State standard vouchers submitted for payment must include a "Payee Identification Number."
  • Payee Name: The name/address listed on the vendor's invoice in the "Remit To" section should be filled in here. 
  • Amount: The amount that is being charged to a specific account. There may be more than one account listed, and the total dollars to be charged to all accounts should equal the value of the Net and of the Payee Amount.
  • Merch./Inv. Rec'd Date (MM/DD/YY):  Also known as the "MIR" date, the date an original invoice or goods/services are received, whichever is later. The date the invoice is received is defined as the date on which the initial department receives the invoice. 
  • Ref./Inv. No.:  The invoice number listed on the vendor's invoice. 
  • Ref./Inv. Date:  The date of the invoice. If more than one invoice is being processed, it is the earliest invoice date.
  • Description of Material/Service:  A detailed description of the item(s) or service(s) being purchased. 
  • Total: The total amount of all vendor invoices, before any discount is applied.
  • Accounting Distribution: The Cornell University accounting information. 
  • Encumbrance Liquidation, Doc. No.:  The purchase order or contract number for funds encumbered under on Cornell University's accounting records.
  • Encumbrance Liquidation, Amount: The amount of liquidation against the purchase order.
  • Req.: The requisition number assigned by department and required for input on Cornell's accounting system for vouchers not paid against a purchase order.
  • For Department Use, Material or Services Rec'd On:  The liability date as defined above. This information should be noted on the original part of the voucher in the "For Agency Use Only" area in the space allowed for "Merchandise Received Date."
  • For Department Use, Approval By: The signature of department representative who has Cornell University signature authority for the accounts and dollar values used to process the voucher. 
  • For Department Use, Date App.: Date voucher is approved in department.

Submission Instructions

Vouchers $250.00 and below: Submit to the University Controller, Accounts Payable, 341 Pine Tree Road.

Vouchers $250.01 and Up: Submit both parts of the New York State standard vouchers to Sandra Redfield, University Budget Office, 117 Surge 3. Staple the original invoice to the voucher with the "State Comptroller's Pre-Audit" section, and staple the duplicate invoice to the voucher with the "Accounting Distribution" section. Then, staple the two vouchers together. State vouchers cannot be faxed. Questions can be directed to Sandra Redfield or Ellen Mastrogiovanni.