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Financial Update September 20 – October 18, 2013

October 21, 2013 - Accounting, Division of Financial Affairs

Keywords: Financial Update, Kuali Financial System, Cynergy, travel

Here's the latest status report for the period of September 20 – October 18, 2013.


Update to the Cynergy Action List

A new feature that allows you to add a "note to self" to your Cynergy Action List will be added this Sunday, October 20, 2013 (see the Upcoming section below). This new feature lets you enter a note to yourself in your action list. You will know that you have successfully added a note when the "notes saved properly" annotation appears next to the note. See the example below.

The note will only live in the action list until the document leaves your action list. No one else can see your notes, so notes that should remain with the e-doc must be entered in the Notes and Attachment section of the e-doc.

When we deploy this new feature, every current user's action list will be updated to display this new personal notes feature. If you wish to hide this feature, you can easily do this by changing your Cynergy preferences. Simply uncheck the "Notes" section option under "Fields Displayed In Action List" (see the example below). Any new Cynergy users will need to opt in to the new feature by adding the notes field in their Cynergy preferences. Note that you may need to clear your browser history to display the new feature.

REMINDER: Complete the guidelines and purpose tabs on account maintenance e-docs

When submitting a new account request or an account maintenance e-doc, the following fields must be completed or updated. General Accounting will reject any requests that are submitted without these fields populated with current, relevant information.

  • Account Expense Guideline: Describe what can be purchased with the funds, and include any restrictions.
  • Account Income Guideline: Describe the source of funds for the account (for example, another account, outside funds (gift), sales of a product).
  • Account Purpose: Describe the intended function of the account, i.e., what it will be used for, etc.

Recent Progress

On Sunday, October 6, we fixed or improved the following:

  • A fix to prevent transfers between endowed and contract college accounts on labor distribution e-docs. This fix is necessary to prevent the risks and errors that arise when endowed employees are paid with funds from a contract college account and vice versa. This change to KFS prevents the use of a Salary Expense Transfer e-doc to fix such problems if they occur. A Labor Ledger Journal Voucher (LLJV) e-doc must be used to make corrections. Access to the LLJV is limited.


KFS and e-SHOP will be unavailable Sunday, October 20, from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. to perform the following work:

Contracts & Grants

  • A fix to make sure new awards properly set the award cost share flag.


  • Implement the free-form notes box for the Cynergy Action List (see the Update to the Cynergy Action List news item above).

"I Want" Document (document for submitting purchase requests)

  • A fix for the inconsistent handling of item cost rounding. Unit Cost and Total Amount will round consistently to two decimal places.

Travel Reimbursement System

  • Work in the test environment to move the travel application to a new server.

More Information

  • To ask a question or report an issue, see the KFS Support page.
  • For more information about current known issues, see the KFS Known Issues page.

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