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University Policy 5.10, Information Security

July 20, 2010 - Policy

Keywords: policy, information security

The University Policy Office (UPO) announces the final issuance of the formerly interim University Policy 5.10, Information Security, previously titled “University Policy 5.10, Security of Electronic University Administrative Information.”

This policy supports the protection of Cornell’s informational assets by establishing technical rules for the management of institutional information. It classifies institutional information, establishes baseline requirements that apply to all computers used to conduct university business, and creates stringent standards for the handling of information classified as confidential. This policy applies to all units of the university, including those based at the Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medical College campuses, and provides distinct procedures for Ithaca campus units and Weill Cornell campus units.

Note: This revision includes no substantive changes to the Ithaca procedures, in either the baseline requirements or the requirements for confidential (level 1) information. Some verbiage was changed, however, and a section was added to the Ithaca procedures regarding the security of paper documents.

Please familiarize yourself with this policy and direct questions about this policy to your college or unit administrative office, or for the Ithaca campus units, to Director of IT Policy at (607) 254-3584 or, and for the WCMC campus units, to the WCMC Privacy Office at (212) 746-7457.

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