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Purchasing e-docs

Vendor (PVEN)

Click image to enlargeThis e-doc is used centrally to create and maintain information about vendors. Their information is then available for use on various purchasing documents (such as Requisition, Purchase Order, and Disbursement Vouchers). Other users can look up Vendor e-docs via the Lookup and Maintenance menu in the KFS Main Menu.










Requisition (REQS)

Click image to enlargeCreating a requisition is the first step in the procurement process. The Requisition (REQS) e-doc collects information about the desired items or services, possible vendors to fulfill the order, delivery instructions, contact information, and related accounting details. The approved Requisition document is used to generate the Purchase Order.











Purchase Order (PO)

Click image to enlargeThis e-doc is generated for routing from an approved Requisition (REQS) e-doc. Once the PO is generated, the system sends it to the vendor; the vendor sends goods or services in return.











Line Item Receiving (RCVL)

Click image to enlargeThis e-doc is used to acknowledge the receipt of goods or services on Purchase Order line items, including the quantities of items received, damaged, returned or unordered.


Click image to enlarge








Shop Catalogs (e-SHOP)

Click image to enlargeThe e-SHOP catalogs link is fully integrated with KFS. Once logged in to KFS, use the Shop Catalogs button to access e-SHOP and place an order with a vendor.