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What's New in Labor Distribution

  • The current manual process—in which campus personnel submit expense transfer information (by preparing and sending spreadsheets, etc.) to Payroll, and Payroll enters all expense transfer information—will be replaced by the new KFS process in which campus personnel will process this information with the Salary Expense Transfer e-doc as required per business rules.
  • The Salary Expense Transfer e-doc replaces the retroactive adjustment portion of the current ADAF form. It will enable all salary transfer data attributes to be edited in real time. It has searchable look-up links on the transaction screen, so transfers will no longer be delayed or returned because of bad data.
  • Manual editing of incoming ADAFs will be done with the Salary Expense Transfer e-doc.
  • Manual routing of ADAFs to Contracts and Grants Sponsored Research will be handled by KFS workflow.
  • The KFS Labor Ledger will become the “record of authority” (i.e., the official source of information about salary and benefit expenses) instead of PeopleSoft and ADW-Labor.
  • Record keeping of transactions, now in PeopleSoft and in ADW-Labor, will be replaced by the Financial Activity Dashboard for Labor Distribution and the Kuali Data Warehouse (KDW).
  • Processing cut-off dates, now tied to the Payroll production cycle (i.e., the last pay run each month plus Payroll processing queue), will now be tied to KFS month-end closing (i.e., the last day of the month).