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Financial Processing Module

The KFS Financial Processing module replaces the legacy Journal Entry Management System (JEMS), Payment Request application, and forms used to process cash receipts, wires, and manual account payable vouchers. It also adds robust new functionality. Both central and campus staff will use the module, depending on the type of financial transaction to be processed.

Here is a comparison of legacy applications to the KFS financial transactions documents, or e-docs, that will replace them.

Legacy Financial System Kuali Financial System
Journal Entry Management System (JEMS) Auxiliary Voucher
Budget Adjustment
Credit Card Receipt
Distribution of Income and Expense
General Error Correction
Internal Billing
Transfer of Funds
YE Budget Adjustment
YE Distribution of Income and Expense
YE General Error Correction
YE Transfer of Funds
Cash Receipt Forms Advance Deposit
Large Billings (telephone, etc.) Collector Feeds
Payment Request Disbursement Voucher

All KFS e-docs are based on predefined rules and automated workflow. These will guide the staff performing transactions and decrease errors. All KFS users can view most transaction documents, except for sensitive or confidential information like salaries. Maintenance e-docs are administered centrally and do not route for approval.

To learn more, you can watch presentations about the Financial Processing module.