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Data from the Kuali Financial System (KFS) will be extracted nightly, Monday through Friday, and placed in a data warehouse. To get information from there, most staff will use KFS dashboards, which make use of Cornell’s centrally supported, Web-based business intelligence system. The home page of each dashboard provides the date of the last data load, in the top right-hand side of the page in the Data Load section.

Contact the Information Delivery and Reporting team at

Will I have to learn a new information and reporting tool?

KFS Dashboards are the new centrally supported reporting tool for campus. Training on KFS inquiry screens and KFS Dashboards will begin in mid-2011.

Dashboards and Other Tools

How can I get information in the Kuali Financial System?

You can access information through standalone KFS dashboards or balance inquiry screens inside the KFS application—you’ll use a Web browser in both cases. KFS dashboards will provide various standard query capabilities for the Kuali Data Warehouse (KDW), and were designed to meet business-critical requirements identified by campus subject matter experts.


How can I access KFS dashboards?

To access KFS dashboards, use the Web browser listed for your operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows/Vista: Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Apple Mac OS 10.x: Firefox


What kind of reporting is possible from within the KFS system, not using dashboards?

The KFS application provides limited reporting capability through balance inquiries. For each inquiry type, the user can enter an account number and time period or search for lists of possible values. Some inquiries include budget as well as actual activity and calculate variances. Some inquiries allow you to click a summary value and see more detail—transaction detail in some cases. All inquiries allow you to include or exclude pending general ledger entries. You can download the results of all inquiries.


Is there custom search and query functionality?

Within the KFS application, users can perform custom document searches that include pre-defined filters for certain types of e-docs (transaction types). Several other search criteria are available for each screen, allowing users to filter by date range, initiator, chart code, etc. Take the KFS Basics tutorials in CU Learn to understand how to use search screens.



Is it possible to show a range of fiscal periods?

Yes, you can choose a date range in KFS dashboards. Summary level requests provide YTD, inception-to-date (ITD), or individual month data. Transaction requests allow the user to identify a range of fiscal periods.


Can I query and download information, and then use it in Excel?

Yes, you will be able to export from KFS dashboards and balance inquiries.



Is OBIEE Answers the same as Hyperion Brio?

No. OBIEE Answers allows for ad hoc inquiry, but not data modeling.