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All news from the Kuali Financial System at Cornell is archived here, sorted by date published.

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Working in KFS to validate the new chart of accounts

Work on the new chart of accounts is miles ahead of where we were when I first introduced orgs here back in April, and we’re striking out into the next big phase...

Using our Re-imagination

We are all hearing about this being a “new era” for Cornell, that it is no longer “business as usual,” and that we need to position ourselves for the future. Are we talking about Reimagining Cornell or the implementation of KFS?

What? Too soon?

It's never too soon to start preparing for the implementation of the Kuali Financial System at Cornell!

Don’t Panic! It’s KFS training.

Little by little... we have been disseminating KFS information, and will continue well after it is in place.

KFS Implementation July 2010 Update

Updates on the Kuali Financial System implementation project.

pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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